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 Here are some answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

What should I bring to practice?

  • Water bottle

  • Soft cleats for soccer (please do not wear screw-in cleats)

  • Shin Guards

  • Soccer ball – please select the correct size. Most of our players use a size 3 or 4 ball

  • Sunscreen

  • (Optional) Bug Spray

OMG! I am new to soccer, where do I start??

No worries! That’s what your friends at CCSC are here for 😀  Just have fun!!
Here is a great playlist of skills we practice.

What does the “U” in U6 mean?

The “U” indicates that your child was “Under age 6” at the time of registration.  If your child has a birthday during the season, they will remain with their current teammates and are not moved to another age bracket.

What is the difference between “Explorers”, “Challenge Team” and “Tots” programs?

These are three tiers of teams based on level of commitment and purpose. We have additional levels of play for the VIP and Co-Ed players as well.

  • Explorers are for fun, recreational soccer teams. This is the “exploratory” level of gameplay. Players focus on developing skills in a casual manner. We rely on volunteer and parent coaches. Depending on how many players register we might have games on Saturdays.

  • Challenge Team players have Saturday games on a more competitive basis. Their skill set includes rules of the game. These games are against players within CCSC. We rely on volunteer and parent coaches.

  • Kicks for Tots Our KFTs program is an introduction to soccer and teamwork. The kids are divided based on three age groups, for instance, 2-3.5-years old, 3.5-4 years old. This format helps all kids to be with children in the similar zone of proximal development. There are no teams; instead they all work together in specific skills that are divided in three to four centers throughout the 1-hour session. Parents are encouraged to participate along with their children as it is normal that some children will experience a little separation anxiety.

What are small-sided games?

Small-sided games are best for better access and mobility for every child on the field. To read more about Small-sided games, please visit the US Youth Soccer website:

Is my child insured with Cape Canaveral Soccer Club?

In short, yes. Your child is insured with the club liability insurance.  Please be sure to wear Shin Guards to reduce injury and comply with the terms of our insurer.

Where can my child (and I) learn more about soccer… the rules, how to play, what is expected?

The US Youth Soccer website has a vast amount of resources.  Please be sure and visit, take a look around and take advantage of the free resources, courses and information.   The Youth manual is located here:’s_Guide_2011.pdf

Do you offer Summer Camps? Holiday Camps? Intensive Skill Clinics?

Yes! For most holiday breaks including the stretch of summer break, we offer camps and intensive soccer clinics.  Please watch the website for more information. If you want to check our registration area, simply click on the “Register Now” image that appears on the homepage and sidebar throughout the website. Please check here for our upcoming events.